Graham Creighton Junior High

January 16th, 2018

The Neptune Trip List is posted outside Mr. Carmichael’s classroom.  Please double check for your name.
There are only 11 spots left on the ski trip! Get your forms and money in ASAP to Ms James to secure a spot
The grade 8/9 trips to the Oval are both half full! Get your forms and money to Ms. James ASAP to secure a spot
A reminder to any students who plan on going to the church today. The front doors of the school are closed at 12:30pm. If you’re going to the church and want to get back into the school be back by 12:30 or stay at the church until 12:45. Also, take a jacket with you because it’s not warn.
Sports and Intramurals
Girls basketball practice has been changed to Thursday for this week only.
The boys basketball team plays today after school against Eric Graves. Come out and support the boys team!
There are some athletic hoodies left for sale. See Ms James if you would like to purchase one.
Reminders to students that intramurals do not start until 12:15 so you should not come to the gym before this time. There are only 30 spots each day, and if your name is not on the list you will NOT be allowed in the gym. This includes the stage and/or change rooms.
Students are to only sign themselves up for intramurals and not their friends that they think will come. It is not fair for spots to be taken by students that do not even know they’re signed up, or who do not want to come as it is taking a spot away from someone else.
Any students who are staying to watch basketball games after school. You are to be seated in the gym, not roaming the halls, hanging out in the cafeteria or fooling around outside the front door. 3pm is not open gym time or play time. Other schools have banned students from watching after school games. We don’t want to have to do that but if this becomes an issue we will have to do that. It has been brought to our attention that the behavior of some students does not meet what we would expect. If you need anything from your lockers take it with you to the gym, students will not be permitted to go to their lockers after the game.