Graham Creighton Junior High

Student Success Planning

Student Success Planning

Goal One: Literacy

Students will vdemonstrate improvement in drawing conclusions about texts using various reading strategies.

Strategies :

1.  All teachers will implement a balanced approach to assessment in their classes (conversation, observation, product).

2.  All teachers will implement the practice of co-constructing criteria.

3.  Within their PLC's, all teachers will make note of (through conversation, observation, product) of students' use of reading strategies to draw conclusions in classrooms and use the resulting data to inform instruction.

4.  ELA/FLA teachers will implement the Reading Workshop model as part of daily classroom practice with an emphasis on conferencing.


Goal Two: Mathematics

Students will demonstrate improvement in mathematical problem solving.

A. Strategies Implemented

1. Teachers will implement a constructivist approach to teaching mathematics.

2.  Teachers will implement the practice of student self-reflection and goal setting (learning goals and success criteria).

3.  Teachers will implement a balanced approach to assessment in mathematics classes (conversations, observations and products).