Graham Creighton Junior High

School Plan for Communicating Student Learning

The Halifax Regional School Board and Graham Creighton Jr High School believe that assessment and evaluation are essential components of teaching, learning growing and improving. Together they allow us to analyze and reflect on student learning, teacher practice, inform instruction and other programs within our school environment. Graham Creighton Jr High School is committed to matching the assessment and evaluation of students with the learning outcomes that are detailed in provincial curriculum documents so that we may provide the best possible education for our students.

At GCJH, we believe education is a partnership between teachers and students as well as parents/guardians. We firmly believe that effective communication between school and home is a critical component of that partnership. Accurate and timely information respecting course outlines, student achievement, attendance and behaviour are essential components in assisting students to be successful learners and ensuring that parents/guardians are informed and knowledgeable partners.

Our school's Plan for Communicating Student Learning will provide parents/guardians with some of the information necessary to support student learning. It will help to explain how we assess and evaluate student learning and provide some of the time frames and events for formal communication opportunities.

The attachment below outlines our school's plan for communicating student learning.